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Veterinary Exam

Schedule your pet's next wellness exam to ensure their overall health.

At our hospital, we believe all pets need regular examinations. It is really important for a pet's overall health because it allows veterinarians to do a thorough checkup and evaluate their general condition. Veterinary exams are necessary because they also provide pet parents with valuable information about their pet's development.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

The veterinarian begins by examining your pet's body from nose to tail. We perform other diagnostics to catch health problems when they are easier to treat or manage. An important part of the exam is the time spent talking with our team. As your pet's guardian, we will ask you questions about their lifestyle, diet, and behaviours to understand what they are like at home. You may also ask questions or express concerns you have. The veterinarian will discuss preventative medicine such as vaccinations, deworming and parasite prevention.

How often should my pet have an exam?

Generally, all pets should have at least one veterinary exam each year. With this exam, we can track all their health changes and adjust their care or treatment. Your veterinarian may recommend more frequent check-ups if your pet has a known health problem. Similarly, if your pet is a senior, they need two exams yearly, while kittens and puppies will need three. Please call us at 416-966-1830 to schedule a veterinary exam.

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