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Vet Referrals

Ensuring your pet's health care needs are met through referrals to specialty clinics.

At Wellesley Animal Hospital, our team recognizes the importance of getting your pet the quality care they need to lead a healthy life. We provide routine care for pets and some advanced procedures, but some cases may require a specialist, which is why we provide referrals. The referred veterinarian will have years of training and experience with your pet's conditions and has the specific equipment needed to treat them. Specialty clinics or veterinarians are board-certified, meaning you can expect a high standard of care.

Although we refer your pet to another veterinarian, we are still involved in their treatment. We will contact the veterinarian to follow up on their condition. We also want to make this process seamless for our clients, so we transfer the necessary documents and book the appointment. For more information on the referral process, give us a call at 416-966-1830.

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