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Senior Care for Pets

Our team is here to help keep your pet healthy and strong through their senior years.

Your pet requires extra care as they get older. The golden years are very precarious for your pet, so it helps to have the right team to offer veterinary treatment and guidance. We provide senior wellness exams designed to detect health problems and ensure they get the support they need. Schedule an appointment for your senior pet at 416-966-1830.

What are signs that my pet is a senior?

Your pet may begin to show signs of aging between 6 and 8 years old. All pets have different experiences, but here are some common signs of aging:

  • Less playful or active
  • Sleeping more
  • Hiding
  • Hearing or eyesight problems
  • Greying around the muzzle, chest, and head
  • Dull fur or coat
  • Eyelid tumours

What health problems are common in seniors?

Senior pets often develop cancer, arthritis, hormone disorder, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, and Alzheimer's. These diseases will alter your pet's mood and overall lifestyle, but they can still enjoy happy moments in their golden years with treatment.

When should my senior pet see a veterinarian?

Ideally, your senior pet should have a veterinary checkup bi-annually. With all the health issues seniors are prone to develop, our team can catch them before they worsen. Your pet's veterinarian may also recommend more visits if they have known health problems, as this allows us to monitor the condition and adjust treatment/medication.

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