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Endoscopy Services for Pets

Keep your pet's gastrointestinal tract healthy with our endoscopic services.

Endoscopy is an advanced procedure we offer at our hospital. This is an exploratory procedure favoured in comparison to surgery. Endoscopy is a practical procedure used to diagnose illnesses in pets.

What is an endoscopy?

Endoscopy is a procedure that is less invasive than traditional open-wound surgery. This operation examines the insides of your pet using an endoscope (flexible tube) with a tiny camera attached to it. The tube enters the body through the mouth, so we don't need to make any incisions. The tube passes the esophagus and is used to examine the colon, stomach, urinary bladder, and lungs. The procedure requires anesthesia, so your pet will need bloodwork done beforehand.

When is this type of procedure useful?

Endoscopy is helpful when other diagnostics can't detect why your pet is in pain or showing signs of illness. Blood tests, ultrasounds, or X-rays are often used to determine what's going on with your loyal companion. When these tools don't provide enough information, we recommend an endoscopy. It can be used to show internal swelling/bleeding, inflammation or scarring, and foreign objects. To learn more about the procedure, please contact us at 416-966-1830.

What preparation is necessary for this procedure?

Although less invasive, endoscopy is still a major procedure, so we follow strict protocols. To prevent anesthesia complications and food from obstructing the view, your pet must fast for up to 10 hours. To ensure we have a clear view, your pet may be given an enema to remove stool from the intestines. For all procedures, we ask that pets are up-to-date with their vaccines. If there are other specific preparations for your pet, our team will discuss them with you.

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