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Arthritis Services for Pets

Early detection is key to managing the effects of arthritis in your pet.

Your loyal companion is susceptible to arthritis, just like humans. There are many reasons why certain pets are prone to the disease, such as their lifestyle, weight, breed, multiple injuries, and age. When faced with this condition, your pet relies on you for prompt treatment. Here at Wellesley Animal Hospital, we are trained to detect the signs of the disease and create an appropriate treatment plan.

How do pets develop arthritis?

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that pets develop over time. Most pets will develop osteoarthritis, known as the “wear and tear” disease. With this disease, the cartilage that separates your pet's bones begin to wear down, causing friction. As the bones rub against each other, your pet will have pain in their joints.

What are signs my pet may have arthritis?

Signs of the disease in your pet will usually begin with mobility problems. You may notice your pet shying away from physical activity, limping, gaining weight, or becoming irritable as the pain worsens. Although the condition has no cure, there are treatment options available. Please call us at 416-966-1830 if your pet is showing signs of the disease.

What treatments are available for my pet?

When it comes to treating this illness, early detection is critical. The earlier your pet is diagnosed, the better we can protect them from severe pain. The treatment we recommend varies according to the patient. Your veterinarian may recommend a combination of the following:

  1. Pain medication
  2. Laser therapy
  3. Joint supplements
  4. Modified diet and exercise
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